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Integrated Development Enterprise Associates is an Ottawa-based international development management consultancy firm, specializing in the provision of technical assistance and training. IDEA was founded on January 1, 2000 with the objective of supporting Canadian and International organizations to achieve the Millennium Development Goals.

Located just steps from the Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA), IDEA is uniquely positioned to help not-for-profit and for profit agencies that are interested in CIDA’s partnership, multilateral, bilateral and humanitarian assistance programs.

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IDEA extends joint SIAST and CIDA TVILP project in Vietnam through to December 2010

A consortium of three institutions including the lead organization SIAST and its partners, Agriteam and MI, have been contracted by CIDA to provide technical assistance at the request of the Project Coordination Unit under the auspices of the Tra Vinh People’s Committee.

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IDEA completes evaluation of the Jordanian National Employment and Training Program (NET)

NET was established in 2007 in accordance with the vision of his Majesty King Abdullah II to reduce poverty and unemployment. The project was designed as a public-private partnership among the Jordanian Armed Forces, the Ministry of Labour and the private sector to train and employ young Jordanians in the construction sector.

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IDEA to design and develop a monitoring and evaluation framework for the Jordanian E-TVET Fund

This assignment is establishing an operational framework to build the institutional capacity of the Fund’s management and staff to implement and sustain an effective monitoring and evaluating system that provides SMART data on the progress and results of the Fund’s various sub projects.

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IDEA CEO Hussein Amery conducts workshop for Contract Training for Iraqi College Deans

In collaboration with National Experts from Iraq, the proposed program will introduce, design and train staff to implement a Pilot Contract Training System to be implemented by MOHESR/ FTE ‐Iraq.

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Guide to International Development Project Bidding

This Guide seeks to present a comprehensive, practical roadmap to pursuing international development business opportunities in projects funded by Multilateral Development Banks, United Nations agencies, the Canadian International Development Agency, foreign bilateral development agencies, and other international development funding sources.